The Astral Bodiez have landed a new home with Blackhouse.

Please welcome The Astral Bodiez to the Blackhouse Records family.
Western Washington State has always been a hotbed for insane amounts of artistic talent. From all walks of life comes a group of storytellers and musicians that tell stories that are heavily influenced by their economical surroundings, political and social views held by peers, the lack of consistency in the gloomy weather patterns, and more recently, the more obvious inclusion of originality in musicianship, which has always been extremely noteworthy, especially within the Seattle (and surrounding areas).
If you wouldn’t have known that The Astral Bodiez were from this same influence and background, you would have thought the were from another galaxy. A five-member group from the sprawls of Western Washington, the Pacific Northwest has been good to these guys. With a limitless talent pool within, their flow and rhyme abilities are something unmatched. The group is incredibly versatile in fanbase, playing all over the West Coast with everything and everyone from grindcore bands to trap artists. Astral Bodiez, also known as WalteR, iLL-USiON, CANBiNO, Yung Caddie, and Kuchie, reign supreme in the PNW underground, and it shows unlike any other.
After teaming up with Mike McGuinn at the McGuinn Management Group, and in a very limited edition run, Blackhouse is proud to be releasing their most current full-length offering, “Dreadlocked” complete on CS (w/Free digital download) with 2 exclusive bonus tracks. More info coming soon, including pre-order and street dates, tour dates, and more news.
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