Snakes/Sermons “This Party is Dead” CS Pre-Order is live!

SNAKES/SERMONS “This Party is Dead” CS/Digital

**Please note:. Total of 50 copies made. Hand numbered. 25 available exclusively at the BH webstore and the other 25 will be available by the band direct at their final show in Spokane, WA on Aug. 17th**


In a special swan-song release, Spokane, WA’s official live-fast-die-young punk rock team known as Snakes/Sermons are back with their farewell release. In a very limited run of 50 cassettes made, all hand numbered, “This Party is Dead” offers up the final recordings of previously unreleased dirty punk rock&roll fury, complete with two bonus tracks not available on the digital version coming later this month. 9 tracks in total, this cassette will only be available here exclusively in the BH webstore and at Snakes upcoming release party/farewell show on August 17th in downtown Spokane.

Grab a piece of limited pnw history before it’s gone.

Long live Snakes/Sermons.

Digital version will be available on all platforms August 17th, 2018.

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