Please welcome INFRABLASTER to Blackhouse Records.


Please welcome INFRABLASTER to Blackhouse Records.
There’s a lot of basements out there. A lot of backyards. A lot of squat houses. The underearth of every town. These have always went down as the absolute best places to have a show. Shows with bands that have more boiling over than one could imagine. Shows that lead to a movement of rabid blue-collar workhorses. With a DIY ethos, and a need to murder boredom in the loudest way possible, many of these bands end up being comprised of the most human of human beings in your community. They could have delivered your pizza a few hours earlier. They probably installed that tacky marble flooring your neighbor wanted in their house. Hey, maybe they installed YOUR sprinklers. It makes relating that much easier, and the release from the mosh that much more effective.

We present to you, Washington State’s grind blast elite, and newest addition to Blackhouse Records, INFRABLASTER.

Starting as (like most grind bands) a joke project in 2012, Tri-Cities, Washington’s INFRABLASTER took shelter in controversy and stupid internet jokes with short blastbeat songs that take a page from among some of the most notorious in grindcore, thrash, noise and hardcore genres. Blazing through a rotation of band members in its first years, the band now features a lineup branching out to some of the most vicious in Northwest grind and metal, ranging from The Drip, Zan, Noise Offender, and Rot Monger among others.

With a slew of demos, an EP, and a previous full length already lurking around on the web, along with short run self-released phsyical formats, We here at Blackhouse are thoroughly stoked to be on deck for what comes next. Stick around for upcoming news on the INFRABLASTER/ROT MONGER/HONEY BADGER 3-way split release coming later this year from Blackhouse, along with tour dates and more!

Devon Jensen – Drums, Matt Ellertson – Guitar, Ace Michel – Vocals, Mike Ellertson – Bass

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