Please welcome NARROW MINDED to Blackhouse.


There’s an undeniable phenomenon in the Northwestern United States. It has become among the most rapidly-growing breeding grounds for some of the most harsh and relentlessly hardworking bands to emerge.  They grind it out, operating as a self-contained collective that thrives off their creative efforts and their own control over it.  It’s almost like a renaissance, if one can picture it.  Where hardcore, punk rock and grind bands share show bills with everything from rap and hip-hop acts to jazz and blues musicians, to spoken word artists.  Anything goes here, and if you can’t get your head around it, then there’s a good chance you might fall behind.   Some of these bands come from the most hidden territories of the Northwest.  The most unlikely places in which you would find the most unique and outspoken bands to originate.

Enter Walla Walla, Washington’s NARROW MINDED.

A collective built in January of 2015 in what most would consider a lost town in Washington State, with members growing up on bands like the Cro-Mags, Napalm Death, and Superjoint Ritual, they are an anomaly of sorts.  This kind of focus takes work.  WAY more work to work their way into relevancy than that of what their fighting chance would be in a metropolitan area.  A completely DIY operation, with the band and close friends exclusively as the puppet masters for a handful of music videos, tours and previous recordings, NARROW MINDED thinks only forward, and there’s no signs of this beast slowing down.

Hot off the strong reception of their most recent EP, “Severe Loss”, NARROW MINDED searches deeper into the darker, more obscure side of punk and hardcore with their newest EP, “Dreams of Possession”, slated for a debut Blackhouse Release in early 2017.  The outcome will be loud, unapologetic, and pummeling.

Stay tuned for updates, new music vids, tour dates, artwork, release and pre-order dates here soon!  2017 is going to be a absolutely killer year here at the BH, and we couldn’t be more excited to have these guys aboard!



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