Enter Cold Blooded to the Blackhouse Records Camp.




  1. 1.(of a kind of animal) having a body temperature varying with that of the environment; poikilothermic.
  1. 2.without emotion or pity; deliberately cruel or callous.

“a cold-blooded murder”

2013 being the mess of a year it was among the Inland Northwest, thrash and metal bands emerged, lasted about a month, and disappeared.  As with all cycles of regional scenes, it’s nature of the beast.  It’s rare when there is one promising group that actually sticks around.  We always seem to learn that it is due to the members being glutton for punishment, but it always serves them well by becoming rich in life lessons.  Some of these bands channel the shittiest of shitty situations, learn from it, and purge it to paper.  It ends up melding together with the message in the lyrics that encompass more; their personal lives, their jobs, religion, politics, literally everything that stares everyone in the face every single day.  And you can relate to it.  Why?  Because it stares us ALL in the face.

That said, we all need an outlet.  That outlet needs a sonic background that matches it in its purest form.

Enter Cold Blooded.

Surged from the “last man standing” members of various Seattle and Spokane, WA area bands, Cold Blooded are that one active mainstay.  With a work ethic and pummeling sound that will translate into what could be comparison among the hardest working touring metal acts in the nation, Cold Blooded is relentless, forward thinking, and loud as all hell, and we couldn’t be happier to have them aboard the Blackhouse machine.

With a handful of self-released titles out in the fuzzy world of the internet, 2016 and 2017 bring some great things for Cold Blooded, including a new full length via Blackhouse, as well as a very intense live schedule and an upcoming Blackhouse debut of some seriously amazing live material.  Stick around for more updates and pre-order packages to come.





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