Blackhouse teams up with Cobraside (US) and Cargo Records (UK)!


We here at BHHQ are excited to announce that we have partnered up with vinyl distribution giants Cobraside Distribution in Los Angeles, as well as Cargo Records in the UK for European distribution! Wholesale and distribution info will be available shortly.

Cobraside Distribution (Los Angeles, CA), being the absolute epitome of what a distribution company should be, are the premier vinyl distributor of vinyl titles in the US, and quite possible the world. Currently carrying over 17,000 titles from hundreds of labels, independent and major labels alike, from across the globe.

Cargo Records (London, UK), with its longtime history as the most well known and longest lasting record distributors of all time, has made independent vinyl more accessible to music fans than any company that exists in the European territories.

With a rock-solid track record that precedes these two companies, we can only see a brighter future for Blackhouse, and we are humbled and grateful to be a part of their respective families.

THE BH MACHINE CRUSHES ON! A huge thank you to the folks at Cobraside, Cargo UK and YOU for all your support!

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