OXBOW x Blackhouse Ltd.

Oxbow is a band that is legendary and notorious, and their rich musicianship and history precedes them. Originally started as a recording project in 1988 from the ashes of Bay-Area punk rock band Whipping Boy, their 30-plus year history has unlike any other in contemporary music, bar none. A cast of characters that have no problem “making you a part of the show” if you cross them, their shows have been known to push the limits of comfort, crossing over into sometimes downright dangerous. Never gratuitous though, Oxbow has always done it with class.

In 1995, the band released their Steve Albini-recorded opus, “Let Me Be A Woman” on European indie label Brinkman Records. With cover art by the amazing Jim Blanchard, and a few rounds of re-issues on CD and vinyl overseas, the album has not once seen the light of day as a US Release, ever.

Until now.

Having just joined forces with Mike Patton’s Ipecac Records for the release of their upcoming new album ‘Love’s Holiday” coming in 2022, we here at Blackhouse Ltd. are proud to present also what will be the first North American release EVER of “Let Me Be A Woman” on a limited vinyl run. Completely remastered by none other than mastering legend John Golden, the album will see multiple colored vinyl variants and completely restored artwork. More updates soon, including official preorder dates, vinyl variant images and more.




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