Blacktracks “Casual Drugs” Music Video and Single Out Today!

Established in the Pacific Northwest, United States, Blacktracks members Jake Jerome and Anthony Perez have signaled a transcendent approach to “Spoken Word” music. Its stream of freeform  lyricism owing a debt in style, perhaps, to literary forefathers, but remains original all its own.  Intelligent, driven and offering a uniquely bleak insight into stressful living caused by both inside and outside forces of nature.

Mirroring performance-poet mastery of cadence and timing, Blacktracks brings a storm of dynamics with undertones with power and dexterity. Their debut single, “Casual Drugs” is the first single from their full- length debut album coming late 2021.  Layered textures among a spirited moving chaos, to underwrite a both gut-wrenchingly visceral and cerebrally heavy and complex track.  There’s a steadily building momentum as Perez’ guitar (and bass) work cascade and Jerome’s intones, shouts and passionately dispenses a very capable lyricism.  Blacktracks have grafted their way towards a post-punk approach that allows them to accentuate their best attributes while simultaneously articulating energy that has always been at the core of their music.  The single will see a digital audio release along with a music video release for the song on the same date. 

“the song is an ode to the path one takes in self destruction”, says vocalist Jake Jerome.  “The honest observance of having a more dependent relationship with a number of different things around you in the same way one might with drugs or alcohol. It’s a visceral mourning to the sense of self one compromises in the spiraling moments of crisis, and a vehement rejection of institutions that exploit people in those moments for monetary or ecclesiastical gain. It’s about feeling completely foreign in your mind & body. It’s about finding solace in a burned bridge rather than severed a tie.”

Watch the full video, download/stream the single, or order merch here:

The pair plans to release more singles throughout 2021, leading up to what will be their debut full length release that will see LP, CD, and CS physical formats toward the end of the year, with subsequent tour dates to follow.

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