Sterileprayer “II: Humannexation” New Single Out Today.


II: Humannexation is part 2 of this ambient series, and the follow up to the first installment in the series, I: Lament in Slow Motion. Using field recordings, along with various found objects, he has pieced together works that aim to disassociate the listener from what would be considered traditional listening. “Sometimes, the most interesting sounds are around us all day and we don’t even pay attention to it”, Scott Rozell, Sterileprayer’s principal member says. “That’s what I’m trying to find in these pieces. The sound produced within our everyday environment surrounding us is special in so many ways. It can be both comforting and concerning. When you pay close attention, you can find the beauty and the sheer ugliness in it. The purpose was to create what would be considered a more apparent and obvious listening experience with found tones, and to bring the light and dark together to work with each other.”

II: Humannexation is out now on all streaming platforms worldwide. Parts 3 and 4 of the series will see releases this Summer and Fall, respectively. The full album, LURK, will see a release this Winter 2021, with upcoming North American tour dates scheduled for early 2022.

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