As a small independent label, this has been the most uncertain, craziest, and sketchiest year we have ever endured in our 20 years as a record label. What I can say, though, is not only did we trudge through this shit we call 2020, we prevailed and had a solid year amidst all the weirdness. Things went off the rails at a few points during this pandemic mess. Staying proactive and adapting as much as we could, we pulled it off, and for that I am thankful.

I want to offer a debt of gratitude to all of you out there who lived it with us this year; the artists, our amazing distribution teams in the US, Europe and Asia, every single audio/visual artistic body & manufacturing company we work with, and most importantly YOU. All of you out there, buying and streaming music, sharing posts, spreading the word, making music, or even just saying something nice goes above and beyond to support art and small business. We literally can’t do this without you.

I wish all of you out there tonight and going into 2021 nothing but love, safety and sanity. Thank you for sticking around and listening/supporting the chaos.



BH Ltd.

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