Today marks the official 20 year anniversary of Blackhouse Ltd. being in existence. We couldn’t have done it without any of you out there, supporting independent art and loving the music world from all walks of life, and we thank you so much for that. Also, a huge shout out and a sincere thank you to all the people we’ve worked with over the years also.

Starting now and until the end of this weekend, everything in the store (*excluding active pre-orders) is 66% off with the promo code: 20YEARS at checkout. All releases are of limited run, so grab what you can and enjoy. All items ship immediately. STORE: BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM

Creative outlet is more important today than ever before, for so many reasons, and we can’t thank you enough for the support over the years. We are eternally grateful, and we hope that we can be a part of your lives for years to come.


Scott R.

Blackhouse Ltd.

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