AraPacis “Paradox of Denial” now avialable in the US.

The Canadian alternative metal hybrid that is AraPacis present “Paradox of Denial”. A venture back into the rock territory the band’s catalog is well known for, this record is already receiving critical acclaim across North America, and is now available direct from the BH webstore today for US release.

Check out the first track “Order of the Ember Queen” here:

“Paradox” features a vast array of guest appearances from Kayla Dixon (Witch Mountain, Dress the Dead), Steph Honde (Paul Di’Anno and Hollywood Monsters), and more. With the newly added David Stone from the legendary Rainbow(!!!), this album does not disappoint, and has already been hailed as their best album yet.

The album will see distribution in the US and Europe through Blackhouse Ltd., as well as direct mailorder in the US here with a limited quantity available.


AraPacis bandcamp:

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