Scatterbox “Infection III” 10th Anniversary.

Something hit us today.  Tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of Scatterbox’s breakthrough record “Infection III”.  It hit us while we were looking through a bunch of old tour photos from 2004 after the record had come out (on November 5th, 2003).  It was Scatterbox’s first U.S. tour and they pissed away every dime they had to make it work.  Well, it worked out in their favor for sure, landing them a spot in the soundtracks of 3 different skate/snowboarding videos, 1 soundtrack for a feature length Troma Film and CD (Poultrygeist), and it landed them a follow up two -album deal with a very solid indie label our of Seattle with fantastic world-wide distribution.  The band has come a long way since them, and you will get to hear it soon by way of their new record coming out at the end of this year (more details coming soon).  Until then, starting now until the end of the day tomorrow, 11/5, you can download Infection III for only $1 the Blackhouse Digital Store.  Click HERE to get your punk rock on.

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