The Long Lost A Hollywood Legend Recording….

Soooooo….WAY back in the day, A Hollywood Legend recorded a one-off single in a project recording studio at a dude named Chris Cecil’s house. The song was recorded with the intention of being released on a compilation to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. Well, we ended up missing the deadline for submission for the comp, and the masters got lost in oblivion for about 5 years…..until today. This is the last song AHL recorded with the lineup of Craig Ochenkoski (Vocals), Shane Olson (Guitar), Scott Rozell (Drums), and David Minter (Bass), and soon after a few lineup changes, the band dissolved. Cleaned up the best way possible, but without skimping on allowing the raw production to come through, here it is, cover art and all as a digital download single for a buck. Get it here.

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