FEAR POWER GOD CD RELEASE. (CD, not cassette.)

Back in around 1988, Oxbow frontman / Author / Mixed Martial Arts ass-kicker Eugene S. Robinson compiled and released the Birth of Tragedy Magazine’s now legendary spoken word compilation “FEAR POWER GOD”. Released on cassette in 1988 and later on LP in 1989 on CFY Records, it went out of print later down the road and has been long sought after in all formats, including the mystery of a CD version ever in previous existence.

Now, twenty years later, we here at Blackhouse are proud to announce the first ever CD release of this obscure classic, featuring selections by the likes of LYDIA LUNCH, HENRY ROLLINS, JELLO BIAFRA, ALLEN GINSBURG, ANTON LAVEY, CHARLES MANSON, MR. V. O. REAL, MATT HECKERT, an extremely haunting track by WHIPPING BOY and Many More!

Release date is pending and we will be taking pre-orders for it so stay tuned for more updates.


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