Blaine Cook’s “The Wicker Bar” YouTube Channel

A fun fact about Blaine Cook. When he isn’t throwing down as the legendary frontman for The Accused, The Accused AD, ToeTag or Dead End America (DEA), he is well known as a culinary enigma, mixologist, and owner of the world-famous Seattle-area burger joint Zippy’s Giant Burgers. As the pandemic of this year has moved its way through the year, tons of artists have been looking to bide their time while they can’t tour. Mr. Cook is no exception, having recently launched his own YouTube channel called The Wicker Bar.

Tune in and subscribe at the link below for a ton of killer drink mixes and other recipes that you can check out and try at home.

While you’re at it, grab a copy of “The Ghoul In The Mirror”, the newest Accused AD album on limited LP and CD at The Blackhouse Ltd. Webstore. Cheers!

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