Ladies and gentlemen, the Narrow Minded x Throneburner split 7″ vinyl release has finally arrived.

I don’t think anyone knows what a crazy endeavor it was to get this release completed and out. You start with switching pressing plants for a small run…then you find out the biggest plating factory in the known world burns to the ground…AND THEN….A PANDEMIC! Insanity!

Nevertheless, here we are, and as a bonus, we ended up getting a run of a ton of different colored vinyl variants up for grabs as well! They pressed about 10-15 copies of a bunch of random colors, so now’s the time to grab a very limited variant if you want.

On that note, all pre-orders have officially shipped out as of yesterday, and THANK YOU to everyone who waited so patiently for these to arrive so we could get them into your hands! We threw in a little something extra into every pre-order as a thank you.

Order your limited run hand numbered copy now and it ships immediately. BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM

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