Please Welcome Horsebastard (UK) to Blackhouse.

Please welcome Liverpool, England’s grind maniacs HORSEBASTARD to Blackhouse Ltd.

Starting in late 2010, a bunch of balloon bursting barbarians set out to write music designed to sound like an angry man in a bulldozer, smashing through the front entrance of a Travelodge. Alas, HORSEBASTARD were born.  The band have since released an album and several splits, embarked on multiple UK and European tours, played a few international festivals and are now working on a second album….but while you wait for that…

In a very unique teaming up of independent labels around the globe, Blackhouse Ltd (U.S.) along with Dead Heroes (Czech Republic), Wooaaargh (Germany), and a team of others are bringing you a split release of Horsebastard and Japan’s unparalleled grind masters Retortion Terror (the brainchild of legendary grindcore guitarist Takafumi Matsubara of GridlinkMortalized).

With the vinyl run limited and all copies being divided up between all bands and labels involved, Blackhouse Ltd. will have a very limited quantity of these, and will be the only US label that will have this available. Details developing and will be posted up here very soon, including pre-order details, tour dates and more.

Until then, here’s some educational materials for you.  Enjoy!

Live at OEF Fest:

“The Gurning” Official Music Video:

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