Jordan Isaiah x Doughboi Phlex present “Jordough”.

The ever-prolific Jordan Isaiah is running rabid among the Midwest, and longtime Kansas City-based producer/collaborator Doughboi Phlex just teamed up with him to drop “Jordough”, coming out May 23rd.

After meeting him at a show Mr. Isaiah opened on tour with $uicideboy$, Fat Nick and more, the two began working together, unveiling their first single “JAWS (feat. Trip Mo)”.  Since then, it’s been an ongoing partnership, with Phlex producing a track on Jordan’s BH debut, “Thank You/Pay Me” (Been.B. Gone).

Including some sharp additional mixing and mastering work from Ryan Frenette at Bunkr Studios, and cover design by @yung.mulan, “Jordough” came together in a pieced together string of efforts spanning two years, on a low-key behind-the-scenes basis as Jordan honed in on his sound and completed the TYPM record.

More in the works from this duo, along with a Doughboi Phlex project “Sourdough” dropping later this year.


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