Please welcome Balam Acab to Blackhouse.

Please welcome the legend himself, Balam Acab, to Blackhouse.

In the timeline of his DIY and underground ethic and the eclectic spectrum of range that his music encompasses, it seemed like the combining forces of Balam Acab and Blackhouse would be inevitable.  Known for his impressive body of work, most notably the “See Birds” and “WANDER/WONDER” releases on Tri Angle, his return in 2015 with the “Child Death” album on Orchid Tapes, and his most recent work with the “All I Beg” EP on FilthyBroke, the pairing is almost sequential in nature.

Although not a new release, per se, we will be responsible for the first official physical run of the highly sought after gem “sitting alone in a dark, empty room” on a limited edition format.  Beautiful in composition and notoriously disconnected from his past body of work, this masterpiece is an extremely dark and ambient minimal release.  Featuring all the original compositions from the EP, it will also include a previously unreleased, physical-only track included, and will be very limited in quantity.

More details coming soon, including pre-order, release and ship dates.  Stick around.

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