Please Welcome Lil Percy to Blackhouse.

The best feeling you can get from your art, is letting it speak for itself when it needs to. Your art describes your current situations, moods, ideas, and dreams all at one time. Often some artists will speak very little as their art speaks so much for them already; in the state of Virginia, many different, rare types of artists use this mentality as their way of working. That if you truly want to know about them and hear them, their art is the best chance you’ll get. Out of all the artists from this area with this “do more, talk less” mindset, one sticks out like a black sheep with a completely out of the ordinary approach to this style.

Virginia artist Lil Percy just recently returns from a small hiatus with a new collection of music from the chapters of his life. Percy is well known for his unique rhyme scheme and flow; last year Percy showed off just how versatile he truly is with his last two projects “Hell On Earth Vol. 1: I Hope The World Ends Soon” and “Contested EP” which displayed his many different styles over multiple different sounds from a plethora of producers.

Recently, Percy has prepared a new collection of sounds for his fans after his short 3-month meditation and creation period. From what has been heard, Percy has left all obstacles behind him and has progressed even further with his out of the box rap style and overall structure and sound of his music. Be sure to be on the lookout for Percy’s newest project “REVENGE” coming soon from Blackhouse.


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