Please welcome XINGAIA to Blackhouse Records.

Another announcement to ring in the beast of a year we are about to have that is 2018!

There’s something to be said in regards to heavy music paying tribute to the media that creates the interest.  As a label comprised of low budget horror and exploitation fanatics, we clearly have a soft spot for the absurd, the obscure, and the offensive.  The louder, both aurally and visually, the better as far as we’re concerned.  It serves an influence to a lot that we do here, and we couldn’t have found a better fit for the label than our last, but certainly not least, signing of 2017.

Please welcome XINGAIA to the Blackhouse Records grindhouse.

Reeking from the Blackhouse Records HQ-neighboring city of Spokane, WA, XINGAIA was formed by Josh Rodriguez and Matt Lefebvre in 2007 to incorporate their love of fast death/thrash metal with horror movies and various inside jokes. They wrote two songs before recruiting their friends Matt Browning on bass, Chris Peterson on drums, and Ben Glass on vocals. Cut to present day, Devin Jay took up drum duties in the winter of 2017.  Years of paying dues ensued, playing shows with the likes of Exhumed, Exodus, Incantation, Suffocation, Revocation, and many other bands that start with “Ex” or  end in “-ton”, not to mention some less obvious influences ranging from (and possibly coming through in the music), Dick Dale to movie and video game soundtracks.

XINGAIA is coming to the Blackhouse table with their absolutely relentless and punishing debut EP seeing a shiny new re-issue on the label, as well as much more in the works in 2018.  Stick around for more news, including tour dates, release announcements, and other news this year just around the bend.



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