Please welcome Virginia Slim to the Blackhouse Lineup.

**Label Announcement – Blackhouse.**

Hiphop, metal, and hardcore punk artists are a big family among the Northwestern United States.  Much like the notorious reputation for the Seattle, WA incestualized band creations, it has done nothing more but expand further into genres, and making new friends along the way.  Some become long-term endeavors, some become solo missions, and some are merely one-off projects.  But when you are the last guy someone would probably want to run into in an alley, you typically stick around for the long haul.  Why?

Because f*** everyone else, that’s why.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we introduce to you hiphop muse, Virginia Slim.

Originally from San Diego, California, and settling far north in Spokane, WA, lyricism was the mission.  Embarking on his first year working on the craft, VS is ready present to you what will be his upcoming Blackhouse Records debut, and we couldn’t be more stoked.  Heavily influenced by hiphop-a-la Odd Future and the local Washington hardcore scene, the 23 year old emcee is fueled by social anxiety, depression, and tales of pushing drug binges.  His previous full length, “Vacancy” is a rock solid and very impressive debut effort, followed by a mixtape with Ben Hall from Rot Monger, “No Dad Gang” was a perfect document to lead the way to his next endeavor, which will be coming soon.  With touring under his belt with the likes of Slug Christ, Nobodies, Crimewave, Dommy Divine and others, we are proud to have Mr. Slim as a joined force with BH for his next endeavor.

Stay awake for more details, including track teasers, show dates, cover, release and pre-order dates.



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