Please Welcome GADGETOR to Blackhouse Records.


The future.  A word that rings true to things you can’t envision yet.  In the same spirit of this idea, a document of audio can’t be predicted either.  Synthwave, which contrary to those outside of the scene, produces some of the most dark and chilling electronic music among all walks of genre classifications.  That in mind, the synthwave world has had a composer working quietly, for years, to bring you something that you have never heard before.

Please welcome GADGETOR to the Blackhouse Collective.

You may know Brandon Caldwell as the frantic frontman of the manic speedgrind Relapse Records band THE DRIP, but in the downtime, Mr. Caldwell moonlights as the sole driver and mad scientist behind GADGETOR.  Sonically brilliant and shimmering in absolute pristine production quality, GADGETOR is the next level, and has set the new standard in Synthwave music.  The project rings true to unbelievable craft in composition, holding true to electronic influences, as well as evoking a feeling that would ring true in the film world.

With Tonebox from newretrowave handling the mastering duties, and conceptual project artwork by the legendary Sam Todhunter, this is an absolute POWERHOUSE of a release for us here at Blackhouse, and we are incredibly proud to be bringing you the debut GADGETOR release in full presentation.  Complete in multiple formats, we will be announcing release dates, pre-order dates, and some other surprised here soon as we get closer, but until then, check out


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