Please Welcome Wasted Breath to Blackhouse.

Leave it to Spokane, WA to produce a wide variety of musicians that actually bring QUALITY to the table.  It’s not like a drowned out and diluted area flooded with trash bands, it’s actually quite the contrary.  There’s a culture here, and the last 5 years especially have seen a progression unlike any other among the Northwest, and it’s officially put Spokane and the surrounding area on the map.  It’s not an explosion, per se, and it’s just flying under the collective media radar just enough to keep it void of the cheapened noise of over-exposure, and our newest addition to the Blackhouse Collective wouldn’t have it any other way.

Please welcome Wasted Breath to Blackhouse.

After nearly a decade of angst, gallows humor, & several lifetimes worth of cheap beer, Wasted Breath’s Kyle Butler & Gary Gwinn added veteran Punk Rock drummer Dusty O’Brien to get the ball rolling. Wasted Breath has spent a year perfecting a unique combo of witty sing-alongs, brash guitar leads, show-off drum fills, & fuck you attitude. This band will simultaneously hit you with a wall of sonic assault, make you shake you’re a**, & keep you smiling from the very first downbeat. A treat for Rock & Rollers of all ages & musical tastes, Wasted Breath has something for everyone, and it’s undeniable in their recordings and live shows, and just interacting with the members themselves, love ‘em or hate ‘em (but we are pretty sure you are going to love them).

As part of a new live series Blackhouse will be launching of exclusive digital releases, Wasted Breath kicks this off in the strongest fashion possible, with a blaring and fierce representation of northwest punk rock.  Stay tuned for an official release date, cover art unveiling, tour dates and more!




Early Demos:

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