Seizure chooses Blackhouse for their new home.

Washington is a spread out cesspool of “nowheresville” among the state.  Where hopelessness and outlet collide, rarely in a constructive form.  Bedroom communities for the larger metropolitan areas hide behind what you hear more about in the news; drug and alcohol crimes, domestic violence, poverty, living in squalor, and essentially people doing anything and everything merely to survive.

Calvin Bertinelli (notorious drummer from Walla Walla, WA band Narrow Minded) and new Tacoma, WA resident Devon Jensen (of Infrablaster, Noise Offender, Honey Badger fame) have dished out a big “F*** You” to the general population with SEIZURE.   Taking note from their inspirations in the power violence world, SEIZURE is the Northwest’s answer to channeling dysfunction, art and despair and putting it all into one nice creative package without anyone dying in the process (yet).  Honest in delivery, this two man noise powerhouse comes at you with 300bpm blast beats and a message of anti-hope, painting the true picture of western subculture.

We here at Blackhouse are stoked to unleash Seizure’s debut self-titled EP in all its obnoxious violent glory.  Clocking in at 6 minutes and 9 songs, this lo-fi noisegrind masterpiece delivers.  Watch out for an official release date coming very soon, along with show dates, pre-order details and more!


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