Please welcome AJ Suede to Blackhouse.



Please welcome AJ Suede to the Blackhouse Family.


Creativity is an interesting thing.  The mind perpetuates a drive in certain people who live to create art.  Art is a powerful thing, and when it comes to music, you have to be careful how you use it.  Crafting something unique takes time, patience, and an almost unsettling refusal to settle for “Good enough”.  Some try, but few can actually hack it.  When it comes to hip-hop, the “some” becomes greater, and the “few” becomes less.  Today, we here at Blackhouse are proud to be working with one of the best around, and one of the most prolific.


Enter AJ Suede.


With 20 previous releases in total (albums, ep, collab projects and mixtapes included) in his discography, AJ Suede’s upcoming 2017 Blackhouse debut, “Gotham Fortress” is release number 21 and album number 5.  Originally from East Harlem, New York City and Stroudsburg, PA during his formative years, he has recently found his new home in Seattle, WA for the last 6 months, and has spent the last 4 of those months working on this album.  In the midst of all this, he is the Co-founder of the FRMNDS Co. (Free Minds Collective) along with 3 friends.  This co-op, founded in Pennsylvania back when AJ was 19 years old, has evolved into a diverse Roster of musicians, print artists and videographers.  In 4 short years, FRMNDS has built a resume of videos directed for underground legends and A List rap superstars.


With Seattle producer Wolftone working in tandem, “Gotham Fortress” also features guest production from Spaceghostpurrp, Rozz Dyliams and Brakebill. Certain tracks are also co-produced by AJ Suede himself.  Every artist featured was actually in the studio to record their verse and/or build the track from scratch on this record.  There are NO internet collaborations on this album whatsoever.


Keep your eyes peeled for official release dates, cover art unveiling, tour dates, and much more.




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