Please welcome BLACKTRACKS to the Blackhouse Camp.

The Pacific Northwest sub-terrain produces a natural and organic body of work.  Vicious in originality and content, the spectrum of artists are vast, and the art within it has carried through to 2017 and proven to stand on its own in the music world.  Not just necessarily the music, but in some cases more the voice, the poetics, the message.  Buried deep within the underground of the Northwest, with roots originating within the Spokane, Washington music scene, the nomadic Jake Jerome and his anti-conquest, BLACKTRACKS, lurks.

Focused and blatant in thought, BLACKTRACKS is an eye-opening look into either a genius, a madman, of perhaps both.  With a slew of tours already spanning the western half of the United States (with no signs of stopping anytime soon), and a very hard to find and limited release catalog under his belt, not to mention his previous work with the notorious Northwest band FAUS, BLACKTRACKS is a forever-shifting, ever-changing and evolving force that’s bigger than all of us.  With content that joins the ranks of social and political powerhouses like Lydia Lunch, Allen Ginsberg, Mr. V.O. Real, Henry Rollins and more, BLACKTRACKS holds nothing back.  Blacktracks will make us hear everything that could very well be in the back of the collective conscience, but were afraid to hear out loud, as no topic is safe.

With some surprises in the works, featuring atmospheric musical pieces from many like-minded musicians and artists from all over, BLACKTRACKS and Blackhouse have teamed up to bring you an album that will truly be something unlike anything you have ever heard.  Stay up for more updates, including show dates, pre-order and release info as we get closer.



June 2nd – Inlander Volume Festival (Blackhouse Records Showcase)

June 4th – Dankstock Festival




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