Please welcome ZAN to the Blackhouse family.

Laying right near the Washington/Oregon border, the Tri-Cities area exists.  Pasco was the first of the Tri-Cities to be incorporated, in 1891. Kennewick was incorporated in 1904, and Richland followed in 1910. West Richland was founded by dissatisfied residents of Richland, who wished to be home owners rather than renters of government-owned houses, after the arrival and subsequent mainstay of the volatile Hanford Nuclear Plant. Despite attempts by Richland to annex the community, they remained separate and eventually became incorporated in 1955.  This metropolis sits in a deserted wasteland area near the Columbia River.  Boasting not only military grade weapons stockpiles and a notorious nuclear plant, it also presents the massive Franklin County Jail as you enter the area, which seems to be the only prison for miles in Washington, expectedly so.

History lesson in tow, this all plays a great influence on the music and culture that is emerging from this part of the Northwest.  An area that once lay dormant is now thriving in a metal and hardcore scene that would catch the unsuspecting music fan well off-guard.  It’s a heater effect, and this area has reached a boiling point.  The bands are crushing, technical, and downright vicious in their content and execution.

Case in point, we bring you ZAN.

Hailed as having the most complicated and well thought-out song structures in metal this side of the West Coast, ZAN is an absolutely mind-blowing experience in heavy music that is unparalleled by any band, period.  This, coupled with visual and lyrical content that is not typical of what you would normally hear in metal, ZAN is challenging, mind-bending, and effective at making a point to not allow the listener to walk away comfortable.  Standing well-defined and clearly setting themselves apart, we are absolutely floored to have them join up with Blackhouse for what will be their upcoming new full length record in 2017.

More updates soon from the ZAN camp, including tour dates, pre-order details and more album info as it develops!



“Pun Intentional” Music Video:

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