Brett Deadly x Blackhouse 2017.


Please welcome BRETT DEADLY to the Blackhouse family.

Tacoma, Washington was once hailed as the “murder capital of the USA (per capita)”, not to mention an area with a lengthy history of serial killers, a thriving music scene dating back well before the “grunge” explosion of the 90’s, and a seedy underworld that permeates below the tourist-trap environments that sit at the surface within the SeaTac area.  Everyone is busy, everyone is moving, and everyone is trying to get on.  As weird yet beautiful of a place as this is, it plays heavy influence into the music and how it is executed, but also within the message it sends.

Brett Curtis (AKA Brett Deadly) has been a spokesperson and underground figure in said underworld for very long time.  With a crossover background among the punk, metal, grindcore and rap scenes in the Northwest, Brett acts as a one-man operation.  Having an unprecedented work ethic, which has spawned a PR company, a clothing line, and a series of branding imprints, Brett is 900 miles a minute, and he never stops creating.  You can confirm this simply by looking at the output on his Soundcloud, or any other social site he maintains.

Brett deadly is entering the Blackhouse arena with the “Don’t Mind Me” mixtape.  Ten tracks in total, the heart is on the sleeve, and it’s as real as it can possibly get.  Trap and hip-hop pieces that still bare influence to his punk and metal background, and repping features from a variety of like-minded and equally amazing artists, this mixtape is a monster.  We are ecstatic to be a part of this and offer it up to you as a limited edition release along with a worldwide digital available release to accompany it.

Keep your eyes peeled for pre-order announcements, tour dates, and other news here in the very near future.  Until then, you can check out the full mixtape online at early.  Why?  Because we love you, that’s why.



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