Enter Idaho’s Bird Fight.


**Label Announcement**

Please welcome BIRD FIGHT to Blackhouse Records.

From bedroom town to bedroom town, USA, the most boring and shiny-on-the-surface towns hide away some of the best bands. Bands that have something set apart from each other. Some of the best punk rock lives here. Holding down boredom, discontent and monotony like a paper weight, these endeavors form to have something. To have something intelligent, fun, constructive and real.

We here are at Blackhouse are psyched to have Northwest-based punk rock band BIRD FIGHT aboard to release what will be their debut release on the label. BIRD FIGHT boasts members living all over Washington and Idaho state, and are notorious for some literally unforgettable raging DIY shows in the Northwest.

BIRD FIGHT is a fast-thinking punk hybrid showing nuances of sounds ranging from The Dickies, Angry Samoans, and other scene-defining Los Angeles bands, but with the sonically charging vocals of bands like The Gits, Red Aunts, and Naked Aggression to name a few. With a small handful of rough demos floating around, the band comes to the table in December with their proper debut Blackhouse EP, and we couldnt be happier to be their home.

More announcements coming soon, including release date, cover art, show dates, singles for streaming, and more.

2016 is about to close, and BIRD FIGHT brought the party.

Megan Ferguson – Vocals / Ken Davidson – Guitar / Matt Legard – Drums / Quest Johnson – Bass


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