Please welcome Snakes and Sermons to the BH Roundtable.


Please welcome Snakes and Sermons to the Blackhouse roundtable.
Spokane, Washington’s violent, desheveled, half-asleep underbelly bleeds bands that have a tendency to capture the lost souls of the area. There’s an aftermath that is conveyed in musical influence by way of every crime committed in the area, every dive bar, every house party, every bedroom community, every keg stand, every shitty day job, and every single shred of boredom that takes place in the middle. The dark tone set by the trail of dead left by Serial Killer Robert Yates and the Hells Angels still resonates here, and it makes this seemingly quiet from the outside town a hotbed for creative outlet to take form.
Snakes and Sermons are among the most credible mouthpiece of both the creative and the dark side of a seemlingly hopeless and dark nowheresville, USA, and the many locales just like it all over. Hailing members from some very legendary past Northwest area bands, as well as current members of some of the most hard-hitting punk and metal bands alike, S&S carries the banner for the party anthem in the face of the dismal. Living up to carrying the torch of bands like The Makers, The Fumes, Murder City Devils, Gas Huffer, and many other Northwest natives, Snakes and Sermons offers up the timeless punk rock and garage dealings of any freewheeling and dealing weekend partytime afterlife would require to keep it going into ungodly hours, with of course, not one regret regardless of the hangover.
To celebrate the introduction of Snakes into the Blackhouse family, we offer up to you an exclusive single to grab until the release of their debut EP. “Gutter”, the title track from their upcoming Blackhouse EP is available right now via the Blackhouse Direct Digital Store (link below), and will be also available worldwide by way of iTunes, Spotify, GPlay, and all major digital retailers officially this weekend.
Grab your single now and add it to your playlists just in time for the weekend. The party has just begun.

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