The grand entrance of Coodie Breeze and Tyler Pyramid to Blackhouse.

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**Label Announcement** – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.

Please welcome Coodie Breeze and Tyler Pyramid to Blackhouse.

Atlanta, Georgia.

A music scene varied and rich with some of the best, above all, the city’s hip-hop world speaks the loudest.  Acclaimed and noted as the birthplace of trap music, credibility has been set in stone by many, including the New York Times, who have deemed the city “Hip-hop’s modern center of gravity”.  It would only make sense that at some point, a group of people would collectively band together to show the world more than what might be considered “scratching the surface” of what the area really has to offer.  This community of artists, embodying the DIY ethos, started networking with other members of the independent world.  Bridging the East Coast with the West Coast to co-op, the hard work has produced something more real than anything the mainstream media could ever even think to emulate.

Two of those standing in the forefront of all this, and absolutely killing it, are Coodie Breeze and Tyler Pyramid.

Known for their work with Atlanta powerhouse hip-hop label Awful Records, Coodie Breeze (formerly known as Pyramid Quince), and Tyler Pyramid (Tyler Major) are a fast-moving pair of artists.  With a steady home in the fast-paced world of the Awful Records brand, Coodie has teamed up with mad scientist Atlanta producer Tyler Pyramid to put together Coodie Breeze’ most hard-hitting release yet, “The Moon Lookin Fye Again”.

Originally surfacing as an exclusive Soundcloud drop, we have teamed up to release an extended and limited edition CD version of this masterpiece of an album.  Complete with 3 bonus tracks and some additional surprises we will announce along with the official release, we are beyond speechless to be a part of this release, and we couldn’t be more excited to have this unbelievable record see a physical release.

Keep an eye out for more news coming soon, including release dates and pre-order info.

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