Slug Christ “Sometimes Even the Moonlight Hurt My Eyes” LTD ED LP/CS COMING SOON!

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Ask, and you shall receive.

The outpouring over a vinyl release of Slug † Christ’s EVK95-produced masterpiece “Sometimes Even the Moonlight Hurt My Eyes” was so massive, that we decided to give the people what they want!

But we are going to do it even BIGGER!

We here at the BH are proud to officially announce that we will soon be bringing you Slug † Christ “Sometimes…” with 3 BONUS TRACKS on a limited edition vinyl pressing of 500 copies.  100 of these will be on GLOW IN THE DARK VINYL!!  That’s right, there will be four different editions total to choose from, all different color variations.  We will announce these additional colors once the pre-order is live.

And if that wasn’t enough…(!!)

We have also teamed up with boutique cassette label CANDY DRIPS to bring you a very limited run of cassettes of this beast of a record as well!  Due to this, the 1st 30 pre-orders for the vinyl will be able to score a copy of this as a companion to the vinyl edition, as well as a CD version (included in the LP).

Keep an eye out for a pre-order announcement soon! In the meantime, you can still grab your limited edition vinyl or CD copy of “God is Under the Porch Where the Dog Died” HERE (limited to 100 each color and almost gone!)

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