Please welcome RAS KASS to the Blackhouse Family.

dark stare

Regarded by Pitchfork as “one of the best rappers of all time”, and ranked among the top 50 MC’s of all time via, we here at Blackhouse are honored and absolutely beside ourselves with excitement to announce that we are joining forces with the notorious hip hop powerhouse that is none other than the legendary RAS KASS.

Hailing from Watts, California, RAS KASS bridges two decades of work, with artists ranging from Dr. Dre to Kendrick Lamar to Too Short.  With a range of work with major labels and independent labels alike, along with a slew of game changing mixtapes,  RAS KASS’ 20 year career of releases pale in comparison to even the most tenured of rappers, earning him firm placement among Billboard charts, as well as hip hop royalty.  It’s clear that his dominant place in the music world is known, and if nothing else, speaks for itself, and it speaks in nothing more than the most impressive of form.

With lyrical commentary holding true to all walks of life, it never loses its level of relevancy at any day in age.  Subjects ranging from racial relations, education, politics, crime, and other pieces of social awareness, RAS KASS keeps you constantly thinking.  Also known for some of the strongest and most legendary freestyle abilities of any rap artist alive today, RAS never fails to deliver, either live or on record.

With a new record slated for 2016/2017 via That’s Hip Hop LLC, Blackhouse Records is on deck for the definitive, limited signature edition VINYL-ONLY re-issue of the classic ground-breaking “Soul on Ice” record, complete with long lost bonus tracks, B-Sides, remixes, and some other surprises coming your way later this year.

Keep your eyes peeled for more developments in the coming months, including a pre-order announcement, complete with limited edition vinyl color variants and other news!

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