Scatterbox in 2004 Flashback.

scatterboxpublictvFlashback to 2004.  WATCH THE VID HERE.

Scatterbox filmed a couple episodes of a music showcase thing for Comcast back in 2004 for syndication. This footage epitomizes (did I spell this right?) “public access” to a tee. Toaster video editing, weird shady looking folks operating huge TV cameras in the background, horrible TV studio atmosphere, and 5 REALLY hungover guys in the middle, trying to play songs off their first 3 records from 2001, 2002, and 2003, respectively. For what it’s worth though, if you throw on headphones, the audio mix on this is actually pretty solid. We owe that to the big SUNN O))) mixing board Darren Eldridge hooked us up with way back when (because he is the man).

FUN FACT: Tom literally lost his voice 5 MINUTES BEFORE we were supposed to start filming. He literally YELLED his voice back to normal in the middle of the first verse of the second song on here. Never seen anything like it before. Unreal. If you look closely, you can see him take a swig off a coffee mug full of throat coat tea the producer gave him before we started filming.

As you can tell from watching, from all the laughing, we obviously took it very seriously. Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for sticking around and being a part of our lives. Our gift to you, in all it’s lame-ness. Enjoy!

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