Holiday shows!



Blackhouse and Awful Records representing both ends of the US this week with three HUGE shows. Awful will be over in the east with their ENTIRE roster of artists (including Blackhouse moonlighter Slug † Christ) on the 17th in Atlanta. Tickets can be picked up HERE.

On the west end of the US, three Blackhouse bands (Rot Monger, The Colourflies, and Scatterbox) will be making stupid amounts of noise on the 19th and 20th at The PIN in Spokane, WA as part of the final nights of 2015’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” festival, put on by Monumental Shows. Tickets for this one can be picked up HERE.

Lots of insane shit coming in 2016 from Blackhouse. In the meantime, get out one last time and get live.

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