The Colourflies “Been There, Seen It…” Now live!

colourflies cd lowres

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered The Colourflies’ Blackhouse debut full length, “Been There, Seen It, Lived It Licensed It”!  It is now officially up for grabs for digital download as well as CD (Which is WAY cooler), and all pre-orders have now shipped and should be showing up at your doorstep now (if not already).

If CD’s aren’t your thing, you can download this in MP3 or WAV format direct at the Blackhouse Digital Store, or you will be able to find it via all of our major digital retail outlets, like iTunes, Tower, Spotify, Google Play, Napster, Amazon, and everywhere else online that you could imagine.

Enjoy!  Lots of new stuff coming in 2016, so be ready!

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