Welcome Slug † Christ to Blackhouse.

We here at Blackhouse are absolutely floored and privileged to announce the signing of already legendary Atlanta powerhouse rapper, SLUG † CHRIST.  With active digital exclusive releases handled by Atlanta rap collective Awful Records,  Blackhouse will be taking on a new part of Slug’s release catalog.  With a history deep rooted within the east coast metal/noise scene, he was the frontman for various area grindcore bands before pursuing a change in creative interests.  Since then, he has become known as one of the most respected and recognized members of the Awful Records crew, let alone the east coast rap world.

Because of his amazingly eclectic musical background, and our mutual respect for the nature of progression in artistry, Slugga was gracious enough to hand over his newest record, “God Is Under The Porch Where The Dig Died” for an exclusive limited edition CD release via Blackhouse (quantity to be determined).

“GIUTPWTDD” is a team effort with production duties handled by Purpdogg, who is famously behind Drake and Soulja Boy’s “We Made It”.  If that wasn’t enough, it includes a feature track with Keith Ape on the vicious Korean/English rager, “Honja”(video below).

More details to follow regarding pre-order and official release date, as well as details on future releases that may materialize down the road.  Stay tuned!


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