Please welcome Rot Monger to the Blackhouse Cult.

Please give a warm welcome to the newest addition to the Blackhouse Family Stump: 

Rot Monger

Somewhere in the darkest part of your psyche, there’s evil. It festers. It’s the voice in your head that wants to hit someone with a claw hammer when you get cut off in traffic, it’s the part of you that wants to go back to huffing paint, the part of you that envisions you waking up one day and deciding to devote yourself to violence, lying, cheating and stealing until you are stopped dead in your tracks with one big piece of karma that ends you. Although it never quite lays dormant, the “normal” side of you suppresses it, only keeping all the chaos “upstairs”.

Spokane, Washington’s Rot Monger is the soundtrack to that part of your being. If you don’t admit it, you are lying to yourself.

Formed in the vile underbelly of one of the most crime-ridden, absolutely shittiest cities in the United States, Rot Monger takes social commentary and musical influence from not bands they like or cultural trends, but more from the cesspool that is the Inland Northwest’s most well-known city. Like the harbored experimental noise from the days of the late Hydra Head Records, early Earache and Relapse bands, Rot Monger pulls at your brain.

With two EP’s already released, this band has successfully managed to completely avoid any of the trends of heavy music, and creating something completely their own. We here at the Blackhouse compound haven’t been able to find a genuinely heavy band that was doing something new for years….until today. Armed with 4 new songs, including an already locally-famed collaboration with hip hop legend Ras Kass, We here at Blackhouse are proud to be putting their new material out with a proper release, as it MORE than rightfully deserves.

Stay tuned for a release date and pre-orders to come. In the end, when it’s all said and done, they will test you. How far can you go? How much can you take? When will you snap?

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