“Burning World, PT. 2” Single Drops April 24th.

Bedford Stroud’s (Ninja By Nature) – “Burning World Pt. 2” single launches on all digital retail and streaming outlets on Friday, April 24th, as well as the Blackhouse Digital Store. 

Bedford Stroud (Ninja By Nature) –

The world can be a dark, antagonizing, dirty, disappointing place. Watching the cultural shift take place in regards to poverty rates, crime, environmental shift, political agendas taking hold, war, economic downturn, and social media taking over the news front, those influences can result in bringing to light something amazing. Not only that, but it can also come from where you least expect it.

Bedford Stroud, observing the world under the moniker Ninja By Nature, navigates through these influences and his own thoughts to put them to paper in their most raw form. It’s not only in the form of rhyme and raw production, but done so with a complete disregard for popular opinion or self-preservation. At times the end result may be dark, sometimes uplifting, and sometimes in between, but always harboring intelligence, always true, and always real.

Located in a bedroom community within the Inland Northwest, Stroud writes and produces the observation of his influences with a precision that is not typically seen or heard in Northwest Hip Hop. With a full back catalog of self-released music and the self-driven work ethic that falls right into the DIY and punk rock ethos, “Burning World Pt. 2” is Stroud in his most hostile and frustrated to date.

It’s a new day to get the word out on a grander scale, and with Stroud joining up with Blackhouse as the first hip hop artist in its 15 year history, we are both more than ready to take this head on and get this in the hands (and to the ears) of the world.

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