Scatterbox “June 1st, 2013” Limited Edition CD.

So we put together a 100 count batch of hand-numbered, hand-made limited edition Scatterbox CD’s of a live recording from a show played on June 1st.  The recording is straight from the soundboard and are the first chance (short of seeing them live) of about half of the new upcoming material that will be coming out in studio version this fall.  These CD’s come with a full track listing, a new sticker and a leftover pre-sale ticket from that particular show.

Here’s the kicker:  ONE copy of this CD has an old original 80’s run Garbage Pail Kid in it, tucked under the CD tray.  If you happen to be the one who scores this copy, you will also win a TON of extra stuff (t-shirt, CD’s, a hand silk screened poster, stickers, buttons, etc.).  
These CD’s are available now via the Blackhouse Webstore for only $5 each.  There are about 70 copies left and once they are gone, they are gone.  Click HERE to get your copy.

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