Invasive Species “The James Cagney EP”.

Crawling out of the woodwork of several CDA/Spokane, WA area punk rock and metal bands comes Invasive Species.  Party bands that write quality original music are not easy to come by.  There are usually two types.  The first type usually plays nothing but the same ten damn covers over and over and over again, bore you to death with “another jam for the ladies in the house” and probably have a guy in the band wearing a headset microphone. 

Now the other type are usually the creative types that are probably hanging out in the house next door to you, in a basement or a garage, hitting a 5-footer or sawing through a couple cases, writing genuinely good music to uplift the spirits.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is Invasive Species.

They live in your neighborhood, practicing until 3 or 4 in the morning.  They don’t give a FUCK if you like their music.  They like it.  Featuring members of local legendary CDA/Spokane area bands Linus, Scatterbox, Downfall, Face First, and Call Me Renegade, these guys have clearly shown that that a group of punk rockers can calm the fuck down and still write amazing music. 

We here at Blackhouse are proud to present to you the 7 song “James Cagney EP” in all its glory.  Release date is May 11th via digital (worldwide) and CD (exclusively through Amazon).   More to come.

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