New items in the store just in time for Christmas!

So after the tragedy of the Bone thugs N’ Harmony record falling through (sorry everyone….we tried), we are picking up and just stocked up for the holidays. Since the Pessimiser stuff sold out so quick, we reloaded and have all titles available again, as well as a few new titles from the vaults of Robotic Empire over in Virginia, including some Red Chord stuff, The first Torche record REMIXED AND REISSUED(!!!), Cry Now, Cry Later, and Pig Destroyer! Go HERE to do some shopping and get yourself hooked up! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. More to come, including new Scatterbox album news, as well as new Scatterbox hoodies and t-shirts, a BRAND NEW digital store in the works, and a new Blackhouse re-issue of the BORAX album and chicago punk beasts NIGHTCAP! Stay tuned….

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