Moral Crux Live 2003 now available digitally worldwide.

So although we did a limited run of these CD’s a while back, they sold out pretty quick, and we pretty much shelved this. Increased inquiry about this long lost release have finally prompted us to dig this beast up and get it back out there. Back by popular request, in all of it’s raw and barely mixed and mastered glory, we bring you this complete and unedited recording, straight from the board, and into your digital downloading hands. You can score this for a super sweet deal HERE or find it wherever you wish (Itunes, Emusic, etc.). Physical CD copies are still available via Amazon OnDemand as well.

Moral Crux is back with a new amazing bass player and O.G. member Roger Hinshaw on drums. Check them out if and when they decide to hit your town next. Should make for a pretty great live show.

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