Meet Justin.

This is Justin. You may be asking yourself “What does Justin do?”, or “Why is this relevant?”, or “What’s with the mask?” Well, Justin Eugene Smith, is a lot of things. He is known for pushing dumpsters on fire into busy streets full of oncoming traffic, but he is also known for lending a helping hand to a guy drowning in his own vomit outside of a bar, by way of getting the owners to call drunkie a cab. He is a gentle giant. An officer, and a gentleman. Today, however, he is most importantly, the newest addition to the SCATTERBOX nomad throwdown. With a previous history of playing guitar and bass in bands such as Linus and Call Me Renegade, he has now been officially “jumped in” to the gang to crush your dome with his guitar skills. Scatterbox is hard at work on full length album number 7, which will be out soon via Blackhouse. More to come. Stay tuned!

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