Call Me Renegade “The Unnamed E.P.” Drops March 30th!

A limited Edition, hand numbered CD version on Call Me Renegade’s “The Unnamed E.P” will be available Tuesday, March 30th via the Blackhouse Webstore and a few other yet-to-be-named select online vendors and mom-and-pop indie record stores.

The Digital version, however, will be following up for official worldwide release the following week. BOOYAH!


Call it a fluke, call it boredom, call it…..luck? I would tack it up to being at the right goddamn place at the right goddamn time, that three degenerates from some pretty reputable punk rock bands, somehow managed to put their brains together (in as random and desolate of a place as tourist-trap Northern Idaho of all places), and write music. Why did this happen? Because number 1, It WAS a FLUKE. Number 2, it WAS (and IS) out of sheer BOREDOM, and number 3, LUCK.

Call Me Renegade is not necessarily the group that will go out of its way to try and impress you. After all, YOU, the walking critic, will always be first in line to cast judgement. After all it is you who decides for yourself, right? You bet your ass you do. The only thing is, they strive to, and just may, impress you. With the speed and technicality of a mechanic after a cheap line of stepped on blow, this band does not break pace, engraining the aggressiveness of the 80’s and 90’s hardcore punk throwbacks, but all the while purging worthwhile hooks and thought provoking lyric matter without any means of sugar coating.

I mean, they pretty much have no choice. They are from Idaho. If they can’t make a mark there….they’re fucked.

With members of well established Northwest bands such as Sledgeback, Linus, Scatterbox, Moral Crux, and Nothing Pretty, and having worked off and on over the years on various music projects over the years, these guys are dialed in and prepared to rape your ears sonically….with no lube. Songs are being completed and releases are in the works. You may like it, you may hate it, but wither way, it WORKS. After hearing it, I gotta say it works pretty well if you ask me.

Scotty B.

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