R.I.P. Tom Pfaeffle.

We were deeply saddened to hear that seattle sound engineer, producer, and teacher Tom Pfaeffle was tragically killed Friday night.

Tom manned the boards and mics at Tank Studio in Black Diamond, WA where bands and Sound on the Sound favorites like Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Evergreen Terrace, Scatterbox, The Hollowpoints, The Sea Navy, recorded their records. Bands and students of sound flocked to Tom not only for his expertise, working with Artists in the 80’s and 90’s ranging from Nirvana to Great White to B.B. King, but because by all accounts, he was an absolutely wonderful guy who was passionate about perfectly capturing the sound and feel of a band. When Tom wasn’t recording at The Tank he was teaching the future sound technicians of Seattle as an audio production instructor at The Seattle Art Institute.

Tom’s death is a huge loss to music, and to his family, friends, students, and bands that worked with and loved him. Our deepest condolences to them all.

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