Scatterbox + Poultrygeist DVD = Academy Awards all around….

October 28th marked the official street date of the 3 DVD collector’s edition release of Troma Films newest 35 mm masterpiece, “Poultrygeist! Night of The Chicken Dead”. Scatterbox was tapped on the shoulder to contribute the song “Sensitive” to the films soundtrack. Being this was about two years ago when initially asked to contribute, they have patiently kept their fingers crossed in hopes that their song would play at a point where someone dies a gruesome death. Needless to say, they got their wish…..

Excited were they to see that “Sensitive” plays while a guy gets a mop handle crammed up his ass and out the front of his penis after screwing a raw chicken. This scene, as well as many other blood-soaked scenes similar to this are now available on video store shelves everywhere. Go rent it or buy it, and pick up the CD soundtrack at The Troma Web Store while you’re at it. It will not disappoint

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