Scatterbox to record new record for Clickpop/SpinArt.

In the first week of October, Scatterbox will be emerging from the alcohol-soaked hole in the ground that they so kindly refer to as their “rehersal space” to expose themselves to actual UV rays from the sun, and go to Seattle, WA to record their new (title TBA) full length for Clickpop Records/SpinArt. The record is slated to be recorded at THE TANK Recording Studio and Nick Jarvelin (Hollowpoints, Sledgeback) will be producing. Mixing and mastering duties will be handled by Mr. Paul Turpin (Idiot Pilot, Trucks, The Pale). The band will be filming the recording process and making a little documentary as well that should appear on Youtube and elsewhere shortly after they get back.
This record is their first with Mark and Sean handling guitar duties so email them at the bands MYSPACE and tell them they’d better not fuck up! Haha… Until then, stay tuned for more info, including news on some shows, some new merch, and a limited edition Live CD that is coming out soon. Until, then, myspace message the band with your ideas for what the record should be titled. They probably won’t use it, but they’ll get a good laugh at your expense. Holla!!!!!!!

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